What to expect from Bitcoin in the coming months

The year is only two months old, but the crypto currency NEO has already experienced some ups and downs. The true potential of the platform is only insufficiently reflected by the course of the coin. Let’s take a closer look at the direction in which the NEO project could develop this year.

Almost a month ago we presented possible alternatives to Ethereum in terms of Initial Coin Offerings. While Ethereum currently offers the dominant platform for the launch of ICOs, at the beginning of 2018 a number of other blockchains are already intruding which Bitcoin Evolution also provide the necessary technological infrastructure. Among them, NEO is probably the most promising platform when it comes to contesting Ethereum’s supremacy.

Bitcoin Evolution experienced some fluctuations

NEOs Coin has experienced some fluctuations over the past two months. Within less than 3 weeks, the NEO exchange rate fluctuated between 196 US dollars and 66 US dollars. Thus, even the fluctuation represents about two thirds of the high for this Bitcoin Evolution period. As with virtually all crypto currencies, NEO was hard hit by the turmoil in East Asia in mid-January and the general price slump at the beginning of February – both dents are clearly visible in the chart of the price trend – but should not hide the fact that the Chinese coin is generally still on the upswing in 2018.

How accurate is the comparison with Ethereum really?
Let’s take a closer look at the matter and see what new things we could actually expect from NEO this year. Even in the pre-NEO era, when Coin was still listening to the name AntShares, we were already talking about the „Chinese Ethereum“ with regard to Bitcoin Evolution the still young platform. But how accurate is this comparison?

The project was already founded in 2014. The underlying idea was and is to transform the traditional economy and society in the areas of digitization and automation and to move towards a Smart Economy. The NEO blockchain uses technologies such as peer-to-peer networking, dBFT consensus and smart contracts. The functions and possibilities are therefore different from those of Ethereum and sometimes go beyond them. (For a more in-depth technical analysis of the coin, please refer to the early contribution to AntShares in the series „New Coins on the Block“).

ICOs on the NEO blockchain
Since the beginning of the year, NEO has been on the move like the fire brigade and has already launched four new ICOs on its blockchain in the first two months: DeepBrain, QLINK, Trinity Network Credit and Zeepin. Together with the token Red Pulse and Gas, the Treob fabric of the NEO platform and in existence since the end of October 2017, six tokens based on the NEO blockchain are currently listed. Of these, Zeepin is ranked lowest at 275, and all other NEO-based tokens are placed in the Top 200. Thus NEO delivers the best balance of all development supporting platforms according to Ethereum.

Whereby we are already again with the big comparison with the Primus. Despite all the differences, this comparison will certainly not be wrong for the makers of NEO, at least NEO, similar to Lisk, strives to build an entire ecosystem on the company’s own technology. NEO’s website therefore also states that it is working on the creation of an entire decentralised „Smart Economy“. NEO regards digital assets, digital identities and smart contracts as essential building blocks for a smart economy.