Don’t Fall for Crypto Scams in Fake Games: FBI Warns of New Fraud

• The FBI has announced a new crypto scam that targets gamers by offering false rewards in online and mobile games.
• Criminals contact victims online, build a relationship with them, introduce them to an online or mobile game, and promise huge financial rewards in exchange for completing certain tasks.
• Victims are persuaded to put more money into their respective wallets but once the deposits stop, the gamer’s wallet is fully drained and the scammers make off with the money.

FBI Warns of Crypto Scam Targeting Gamers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released a statement warning of an ongoing crypto scam specifically targeting gamers. According to the agency, many new pay-to-earn crypto platforms are stealing digital assets from those willing to invest or take part in company services.

How It Works

Criminals contact potential victims online and build relationships with them over time. They then introduce those victims to an online or mobile game wherein players purportedly earn cryptocurrency rewards in exchange for some activity such as growing ‘crops’ on an animated farm. The rewards promised are higher than they would be with other investments—but these promises are false and ultimately lead to stolen funds.

Money Lost

The FBI warns that millions of dollars have already been stolen through this form of scamming and that it is likely to continue so long as people are willing to believe these ongoing false narratives. As such, it is important for anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies to exercise extreme caution when dealing with unknown individuals or companies who may be offering investment opportunities promising large returns quickly.

Protect Yourself

It is important for investors to do their research before parting with any funds—and always keep your eyes open for red flags like too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities or sudden requests for additional funds after having already made a deposit into a wallet or account. Additionally, you should never share private key information related to any wallet or account unless you know exactly who you’re doing business with!


Cryptocurrency trading can be volatile and speculative so there is no way to guarantee returns—which makes taking precautions even more important when engaging in any form of digital asset trading activities! Be sure you know exactly who you’re dealing with before making any kind of transaction involving cryptocurrency!