Crypto Scammers Busted: $24K Recovered for Illinois Woman

• Federal law enforcement agents have recovered around $24K worth of crypto from scammers who had allegedly stolen it from an Illinois resident.
• The victim was scammed by someone posing as a crypto influencer, and asked to deposit money into an account at
• Stephen S. Webster of the U.S. Secret Service noted that new technology has made it easier for criminals to take advantage of innocent victims in the U.S., but authorities are working to seize cryptocurrency and prevent criminals from profiting from their actions.

Crypto Scam Victim in Illinois Gets Most of Her Money Back

A resident of the Metro East area of Illinois recently got some good news; federal law enforcement agents have managed to take back as much as $24K worth of stolen cryptocurrency from scammers who had allegedly stolen it from her. No criminal evidence has been shared yet, and no arrests have been made at this time either.

The Story Behind The Crypto Theft

Court records show that the victim contacted the O’Fallon Police Department in June last year after she had become a victim of what appeared to be a crypto scammer impersonating a crypto influencer on Twitter, asking her to deposit money into an account at – something she did without hesitation only to later realize she’d been duped out of most of her funds before anything could be done about it.

75 Percent Of Stolen Funds Recovered

Fortunately, 75 percent (around $24K) of the stolen funds have since been recovered and will now be returned to the rightful owner via a remission compensatory process – something which Stephen S Webster, who heads the U.S Secret Service Office in Springfield, IL spoke positively about when he said: “Unfortunately, new technology has made it easier for individuals abroad to take advantage of innocent victims throughout the United States…The US Secret Service worked quickly with our partners at the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District Of Illinois and O’Fallon Police Department to seize this cryptocurrency and prevent it from lining pockets overseas.“

Crypto Scams Are Everywhere

Crypto scams like these are becoming increasingly common all over the world with more people falling prey every day – many times through romance scams where cyberthieves talk with people looking for love online, build up their trust before convincing them they should invest in some grand digital currency venture they’ll regret missing out on if they don’t act fast – which is exactly what happened here too unfortunately enough!

Authorities Working Hard To Seize Cryptocurrency & Prevent Criminals From Profiting

Thankfully though authorities like those mentioned above are doing everything they can to seize cryptocurrency and ensure criminals aren’t able to profit off their schemes – even if they still do happen far too often nowadays!