UAE To Become Crypto Hub: Embracing Cryptocurrencies For Trade & Economy

• The UAE Trade Minister, Thani Al-Zeyoudi, stated that crypto will play a major role for UAE trade going forward.
• The UAE is putting in efforts to entice and attract large companies across the world with their crypto-friendly regulations.
• Omar Sultan Al Olama, the Minister of State for artificial intelligence and the digital economy, addressed UAE’s crypto industry status at the 2023 World Economic Forum.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is looking to embrace cryptocurrencies as a key part of its economy in the coming years. This is according to Thani Al-Zeyoudi, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, who spoke about the potential of crypto during an interview at the 2023 World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

Al-Zeyoudi stated that crypto will play a major role for UAE trade going forward and that the most important thing is that they ensure global governance when it comes to cryptocurrencies and crypto companies. He explained that the UAE, particularly Dubai, is working towards becoming a crypto-hub by enticing and attracting large companies across the world with their crypto-friendly regulations.

Moreover, the Minister of State for artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital economy, Omar Sultan Al Olama, addressed UAE’s crypto industry status at the 2023 World Economic Forum. He expressed that the UAE is in the process of becoming a crypto-hub and is currently working to build the right governance and legal system needed to support the industry.

The UAE’s commitment to the blockchain industry is evident, as the country has already implemented several blockchain initiatives in its government. For example, the UAE’s Ministry of Economy launched a blockchain-based payment platform called ‚mPay‘, which allows users to transfer money and make payments securely and quickly. Additionally, the country is working to create a blockchain-based digital asset registry, which will be used to track and manage its assets.

Given the UAE’s commitment to blockchain technology and its ambitious plans for the crypto industry, it is likely that the country will become a major player in the crypto economy in the coming years. With a supportive government and the right regulations in place, the UAE could become a global leader in the blockchain industry and could pave the way for other countries to follow suit.

Bitcoin Tests $21,470 Resistance: Can It Keep the Bullish Momentum?

• Bitcoin is currently trading around the $21,000 resistance area, as the current uptrend remains stationary.
• If buyers manage to keep the price above the $21,000 resistance, the current uptrend will resume.
• If the resistance level of $21,470 is broken, Bitcoin will resume its current uptrend, reaching peaks of $22,794 and $25,068.

The crypto market has been buzzing over the past few weeks due to the bullish momentum of Bitcoin. After a brief dip, Bitcoin is back on a bullish run, climbing above the $21,000 level. The current uptrend of the market leader has been remarkable, as it is maintaining its bullish stance despite a few minor retracements.

At the time of writing, the price of one Bitcoin is $21,191. With a market cap of $408,159,806,317 and a circulating supply of 19,263,625 BTC, Bitcoin remains the most valuable digital asset by far. The resistance levels for Bitcoin are set at $50,000, $55,000 and $60,000 while the support levels are set at $25,000, $20,000 and $15,000.

The current market price of Bitcoin is testing the $21,470 historical price level of November 5. If the resistance zone is broken, Bitcoin will resume its current uptrend and reach peaks of $22,794 and $25,068. On the other hand, if the resistance zone rejects Bitcoin, it will fall back to the $18,391 breakout level.

In conclusion, the current market price of Bitcoin is testing the $21,470 historical price level of November 5. If buyers manage to keep the price above the $21,000 resistance, the current uptrend of the cryptocurrency will resume. If the resistance level of $21,470 is broken, Bitcoin will reach peaks of $22,794 and $25,068. In contrast, if the resistance zone rejects Bitcoin, it will fall back to the $18,391 breakout level.

Explore Music and Art in a New Dimension with DJ Plus One’s Web3 Experience

• Scottish musician Niall Dailly developed interactive visual experiences for his new album “Metamorphic” using Web3 technology.
• NFT holders have the last say over whether the public can freely access the media.
• The album’s visual narrative will be available as a 3D/VR experience, and is being released as a first-of-its-kind installation art piece.

Scottish musician Niall Dailly, also known as DJ Plus One, is a former world champion turntablist, electronic artist, and former member of the Scratch Perverts and Jack Beats. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Dailly’s live engagements were canceled and he found himself with more free time. He used this time to explore the possibilities of the Web3 space, taking inspiration from early audiovisual NFT pioneers like Deafbeef, and develop interactive visual experiences for his new album “Metamorphic.”

The album’s visual narrative will be available as a 3D/VR experience, and is being released as a first-of-its-kind installation art piece. Dailly’s vision was to create something new and significant around his solo album project, and the Web3 technology allows him to do just that. NFT holders will have the last say over whether the public can freely access the media. This concept of having the holders of the NFTs be the ultimate decision makers is one of the first of its kind, and is sure to be an exciting and innovative way to experience music.

The 3D/VR experience of Metamorphic is being launched via BeetsDAO, a collective of music and new media professionals who are dedicated to creating digital art experiences. The experience will be a multi-dimensional journey that includes visuals, audio, and a variety of interactive elements. Dailly’s hope is that this experience will create a unique and memorable experience for viewers, as it combines the concept of music with art and technology.

The Metamorphic project is an ambitious venture for Dailly, as it is the first of its kind. It is sure to be an exciting and innovative experience for music and art lovers alike. For those interested in exploring the world of Web3, Metamorphic is the perfect way to do so. The interactive visuals, NFT holders, and 3D/VR experience will create an unforgettable journey for viewers and will surely be something to remember.

ApeCoin on the Rise: Analyzing the Cryptocurrency’s Market and Future Potential

• ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token connected to a popular NFT collection called the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
• Investors‘ opinions on the cryptocurrency ApeCoin are divided, but the APE price has been steadily increasing since November.
• This article provides an analysis of the current ApeCoin market and an evaluation of the cryptocurrency’s future potential.

ApeCoin is a cryptocurrency that is connected to a popular NFT collection known as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This ERC-20 token powers the team in charge of developing web3 currencies. The ApeCoin ecosystem fund received 62% of all APE tokens, which will be used to support the project’s many projects. Investors‘ opinions on the cryptocurrency ApeCoin are divided; while some are ardent supporters, others think it is in the midst of a bubble that will soon burst.

Taking into account these two opposing viewpoints, it is important to evaluate the current market for ApeCoin and the cryptocurrency’s future potential. Since November, when it strayed below the $3.40 lateral region, the APE price has climbed (red circle). It seems that the price of ApeCoin has fallen at the moment. However, the subsequent upward trend reduces the breakdown in deviance status. This suggests that the support level is quickly recovering and that ApeCoin could be poised for further growth.

At the moment, the token is trading at around $5.50, just above the $5.40 support level. If ApeCoin can maintain this level, it could be a sign of further growth, as the token has seen consistent growth in the past few weeks. Moreover, the token’s market capitalization is currently over $2.2 billion, indicating the potential for significant upside.

In the near term, ApeCoin could experience significant volatility, as investors are still split on the cryptocurrency’s future prospects. The APE price has been steadily increasing since November, which could be indicative of a potential breakout in the near future. Additionally, the token is still relatively new and untested, so it is difficult to predict how it will perform in the future.

In the long run, ApeCoin could experience significant upside if it can maintain its recent momentum. The token’s connection to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection could help it gain further traction, particularly if the collection continues to be popular. Additionally, the ApeCoin ecosystem fund could help to support the project’s development, which could lead to a more robust and secure platform.

Ultimately, ApeCoin could experience significant upside if it can maintain its current support level. The token still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential, but it is possible that it could experience significant growth in the near future. However, investors should still exercise caution when investing in the cryptocurrency, as its future prospects are still uncertain.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Sees 6.11% Price Increase – Secure DeFi & Staking Options

• Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has recently seen a 6.11% increase in its price, currently at $0.00015.
• Terra Luna Classic is a decentralized application (dApp) backed by Terra’s blockchain, which uses a proof-of-stake consensus method for a more secure DeFi experience.
• The native coin of the Terra system, LUNC, is mostly employed for staking, governance and as a payment gateway for an algorithmic virtual currency.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is a decentralized application (dApp) backed by the Terra blockchain protocol, designed to provide users with a secure and cutting-edge DeFi experience. Founded in 2018 by Terraform Labs, the project has gone on to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the industry. The LUNC coin, the native token of the Terra system, is mostly employed for staking, governance and as a payment gateway for an algorithmic virtual currency.

Recently, the cost of Terra Luna Classic has seen a 6.11% increase in its price, currently at $0.00015. This is despite a modestly pessimistic mood in the cryptocurrency market, and its price has increased by 0.28% during the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, Terra Luna Classic’s total available supply is more than 6 trillion, and its market capitalization remains at around $927K.

The Terra blockchain uses a proof-of-stake consensus method to ensure a secure DeFi experience for users of the platform. This consensus method requires users to put up a stake of LUNC coins to validate transactions on the blockchain, and rewards them with a portion of the transaction fees incurred. As such, LUNC coins can be used to earn passive income for holders, as well as for governing the protocol itself.

In addition to staking and governance, LUNC coins can also be used as a payment gateway for an algorithmic virtual currency. This is designed to mimic the value of fiat (government-issued) money, allowing users to make payments using the same technology that powers the Terra blockchain. This makes it easier for users to send and receive payments without having to worry about the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

The long-term outlook for Terra Luna Classic is still promising, and though it may not reach $198.50 in the near future, its increasing popularity is sure to benefit its users. With its secure DeFi experience, staking and governance options, and its ability to mimic fiat currency, LUNC is sure to remain a popular choice among cryptocurrency users.

What is Financial Peak – Learn more!

Review of Financial Peak – a terrible fraud to avoid

In this review , we examine Financial Peak, a subtle fraud designed to take your money and make it disappear in the financial market.

What is Financial Peak

Financial Peak, a finance software that claims to make you as much as 4500 USD every day. The program was developed by a team consisting of over 500 experts and developers.

According to the official website of the software the primary functions of the software include:

  • is operated by autopilot
  • It has an 99.7 winning percentage
  • can be used on any computer or works on any mobile device and
  • utilizes blockchain technology.
  • Guaranteed daily earnings of at minimum 2 000 USD
  • Trades in crypto along with traditional financial markets

The most important aspect is that you can download this Financial Peak app for free. Are you convinced that an app that is free will earn your thousands each day? It’s not true.

Financial Peak

Is Financial Peak legit?

It’s not true, Financial Peak is not an authentic product, since it is an unlicensed investment service. The software is designed to trade in financial markets on behalf of you and take trading decisions for you. Any software that does this must have an authorization from the financial regulators.

However, Financial Peak is not licensed It isn’t regulated by the financial regulators. That means that it’s an investment product that is not legal. It is not legal to offer in the majority of countries since it is not authorized in the required way.

It’s the Financial Peak scam

Truth is, Financial Peak is pure scam. It isn’t going to fulfill its promises. Actually it was designed to be a deceiver and get you free of your money even if you do not want it to do that.

It’s a straightforward imitation of scams such as Crypto Legacy Pro, Bitcoin Revival and Crypto Nation Pro Read our review.

Impossible performance

The first issue we must address within the Financial Peak review is that the promises made by this system are purely fictitious.

The first thing to note is that none of the trading systems that exists in the world can boast an 99.7 percent success rate in financial trading. It simply cannot be done. Additionally, no trading system will guarantee profit or even consistent daily earnings of 2,000 or more dollars such as Financial Peak does.

The financial markets are highly unpredictable, their behaviour is not predictable as are losses a common component of every trading system. Making every day a profit is almost impossible.

Any program for trading or investing which promises to make daily profits is a fraud, there only exists one other chance.

Fake testimonials

The most reliable argument of the fact that Financial Peak is a scam can be seen in the testimonials posted on the official site. There are many stories of people who claim to be earning a lot of money through the system, however they’re fake.

A quick investigation found it was discovered that Financial Peak is using stock images, as well as fake stories to create testimonials, which are meant to reflect real-life user experiences. There is evidence in the image below.

Blockchain lie

Financial Peak is believed to be built on blockchain technology that will make it more efficient than other trading systems. This is a claim that has made us amused.

We are aware that blockchain, the fundamental technology behind cryptocurrency isn’t easy to grasp for all. Without getting into details, you need to be aware that blockchain is slower than other technologies, such as traditional databases.

Thus the idea of basing a trading system on blockchain could slow it down compared to competitors. Therefore, the assertions made by Financial Peak claims is a completely falsehood.

Blockchain’s advantages lie elsewhere. It is an uncentralized technology that is extremely safe. This is the reason why it is such a revolutionary technology for the finance industry.

How Financial Peak actually does its work?

As we’ve already said, Financial Peak will do exactly the promises it makes It will steal your money, and then lose it when trading. Financial Peak is a loser appthat doesn’t realize it.

How can they persuade you to allow a loss-making software make a profit with your money? First, you need to know all the lies that we’ve disclosed within this article. However, it’s feasible to be that Financial Peak will even let you test their trading application in an demo mode.

However, while demos are the most secure method to experience trading in normal conditions However, demos that are part of scams such as Financial Peak have the potential to be very risky as they are fraudulent.

It is true that the demo makes use of fake prices, which means that it can generate a large amount of money. Untrained eyes will not recognize this technique and will be convinced that the software could trade profitably.

If you deposit real cash and allow the app to trade it, you’ll not know what has happened until the money is gone. This will happen extremely quickly.

There is also the possibility that they even impersonate real results from trading and show you false profits in order to get you to deposit more cash. The idea is to get you to deposit as much as possible and not allow you to take any money out.

Scammers of Financial Peak work with some brokers that are not regulated. They’ll take you to a fraudulent broker that will force you to pay increasing amounts of money. They’ll just steal the money and offer you only lies to repay. They will not let you withdraw any money. This is the way Financial Peak works.

How do you ensure your safety?

There are numerous scams that operate in the same method like Financial Peak. Any program that claims to give you the possibility of earning money for free and with a guarantee from financial trading is a fraud. This is an fact you should accept as it will keep you safe from frauds.

If you’ve have lost money through Financial Peak, you can attempt to retrieve it. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Find out which broker you deposited the money.
  2. Contact the broker and ask for the broker to refund your deposit. Inform them that you were duped with Financial Peak.
  3. If the brokerage company denies your request, beg them to make complaints to the authorities and request a chargeback for your deposit.
  4. If you’re not able to achieve success with the first step, call your bank to inquire with them the way in which the deposit can be reversed. It’s the easiest thing to do with credit or debit cards. You need to make a request for the chargeback.
  5. Make a complaint to the authorities in your country as well as in the country the broker is located in.

Since scammers often change the brokers they collaborate with and work with, it is impossible to be more specific. It is important to know the brokerage you paid the money, and where it is situated, in the event that it’s a licensed company and which regulatory body oversees the financial markets of the country, and get in touch with the appropriate parties.

If you have questions you’d like to ask, post them in the comments section below. We will attempt to assist you.

The process of recovering money from scams isn’t always easy, at times it’s just impossible, however it’s worth trying. Sometimes, you will succeed and receive all of your cash back.


Financial Peak is a scam. It’ll force you to pay an unregulated broker, where you’ll be unable to recover the money. It is not possible to earn profits from it. Avoid Financial Peak!

If you’re interested in trying authentic financial trading, begin with the free demo account with an accredited brokerage. You’ll get virtual cash to try trading, and you can see what outcomes you can get.

Handel med kryptovaluta på Bitcoin Profit-plattformen

Start handel

Gjør et innskudd ved å gå til „Finans“-delen av kontoskjermen. Du kan sette inn penger på kontoen din ved å gjøre en bankoverføring i fiat-valuta. Noen ganger belastes det et gebyr avhengig av fiat-valutaen du bruker og hvor du bor.

Hvis du for eksempel bor i EØS, er innskudd i euro gratis. Innskudd i amerikanske dollar fra USA koster $5. Nå er alt du trenger å gjøre å velge kryptovaluta for å starte handel. Klikk på Transaksjoner-fanen, og klikk deretter på Ny bestilling.

Det er tre handelsalternativer: Enkel, Øyeblikkelig og Avansert. Hvis du er nybegynner, velg alltid lett. Bitcoin Profit tilbyr alle slags tilbud og kan være svært vanskelig. Hvis du bruker plattformen en stund, kan du utforske enda flere muligheter. Hold det enkelt inntil da!

Handel med kryptovaluta på Bitcoin Profit-plattformen

Velg nå valutaen du vil kjøpe og valutaen du må betale. Du kan kjøpe valutaer med begrensede eller markedsordre. Markedsbestilling er raskere og enklere enn begrenset bestilling. En limitordre er å kjøpe valuta til en fast pris. En markedsordre er å kjøpe en valuta til best mulig pris. Trykk nå på den grønne KJØP C-knappen og du kan gjøre det! Du er nå en kryptovalutahandler.

Gjennomgang av kryptovaluta handelsplattform Bitcoin Profit
En kort merknad om lagring
Det er viktig å kun bruke børsen til handel. Ikke bruk børser for langtidslagring av kryptovaluta. Å lagre kryptovaluta på nettet eller i en hot wallet er ikke en god idé; lagre de fleste kryptomynter offline eller i kjølelager.

Det kreves minst én maskinvarelommebok for dette. En maskinvarelommebok er som en veldig sikker USB-pinne. Den inneholder alle kodene du trenger for å få tilgang til kryptovaluta. Bitcoin Profit jobber veldig hardt for å beskytte pengene dine når du er på plattformen, men husk at det er din sikkerhet!

Hvis du tjener mye penger på å handle kryptovalutaer på Bitcoin Profit, kan du ta dem ut i fiat-valuta. For å gjøre dette må du betale Bitcoin Profit-avgiften.

Bitcoin Profit uttaksgebyr

Bitcoin Profits uttaksgebyrer varierer veldig avhengig av hvor du er i verden. For eksempel vil det koste $5 å ta ut USD og få en amerikansk bankkonto. er det ikke dårlig? Hvis du ikke har en amerikansk bankkonto, vil det koste deg $60. er det ikke bra? Bitcoin Profits gebyrer for uttak av kryptovaluta er mye lavere. For eksempel tar Bitcoin Profit 0,0005 BTC for å ta ut bitcoins og 0,005 ETH for å ta ut eter.


Bitcoin Profit-nettstedet har en detaljert hjelpeguide som dekker alt fra kontoverifisering til handel. I de fleste tilfeller kan du finne det du leter etter. Men hvis du virkelig trenger hjelp, kan du alltid sende en hjelpebillett eller chatte med en representant i sanntid via chatten som er innebygd i nettsiden. Den generelle konsensus for Internett er at lave kostnader, avanserte funksjoner og robust sikkerhet er Bitcoin Profits viktigste styrker. Bitcoin Profit har virkelig en fordel, men det tar en god del kritikk og fungerer ikke bra med TrustPilot. Totalt sett ser plattformstøtten og stabiliteten ut til å ha blitt bedre siden nettstedet ble oppdatert for en tid siden.

Bitcoin UP Exchange Review

Bitcoin UP-brukere ser en live forhåndsvisning av markedet, har tilpassbare alternativer og kan bruke flere filtre når de handler. Likevel er den generelle brukervennligheten til Bitcoin UP-børsen orientert mot mer erfarne handelsmenn, ettersom mange spesifikke termer og forkortelser kan utgjøre et problem for nybegynnere.

Skjermbilde av Bitcoin UP – landingssiden

Bitcoin UP er regulert med FinCEN i USA, FinTRAC i Canada og FCA i Storbritannia. Børsen har høye nivåer av sikkerhet og sikkerhet for digitale eiendeler og personlig klientinformasjon. De støtter klienter med omfattende kundestøtte, 24/7 e-poststøtte og live chat-alternativer. Det finnes en mobilapp som gjør handel enkelt mens du er på farten, selv om nettsiden deres er veldig mobilvennlig.

Bitcoin UP ble grunnlagt i 2011 av en viss Jesse Powell, og ønsket å være navnet i forkant av kryptovalutautveksling. Etter å ha sett utviklingen av kryptovaluta-trenden, begynte Bitcoin UP å tilby handel med kryptovaluta i 2013 sammen med tjenester som ville appellere til folk og lokke dem til å bruke Bitcoin UP Exchange.

Tilbake i sin tidlige begynnelse fikk Bitcoin UP kallenavnet „the bitcoin exchange“, da dette var den eneste kryptovalutaen som ble handlet. Som en av de første i kryptohandelsbransjen, tilbyr Bitcoin UP ulike tjenester til sine kunder, alt fra over-the-counter handel til personlig administrasjon.

I øyeblikket av å skrive denne anmeldelsen støtter Bitcoin UP 33 kryptovalutaer og 131 krypto-krypto- og krypto-fiat-par, som ikke er den mest allsidige, men fortsatt et godt utvalg av kryptovalutautveksling.

Er Bitcoin UP trygt?

Etter å ha lært av ødeleggelsene av Mt. Gox i 2011, har Bitcoin UP lagt ut svært sterke sikkerhetstiltak for deres kryptovalutautveksling. Frem til i dag har det ikke vært et vellykket hackingangrep på Bitcoin UP. Vi tror dette hovedsakelig skyldes at flertallet av deres digitale eiendeler eller opptil 95 % oppbevares i kjølelager.

Sikkerhetsskjold med kikkertoverlegg

De legger også stor vekt på å holde alle sensitive data sikre, siden deres servere er beskyttet av toppmoderne sikkerhetssystemer og væpnede vakter. Bitcoin UP har tofaktorverifisering for sine brukere, samt en e-postbekreftelse for uttak med en selvbetjent kontolås. Konklusjonen er at Bitcoin UP tar sin sikkerhet svært alvorlig.

Tjenester som tilbys av Bitcoin UP

Bitcoin UP cryptocurrency exchange har tjenester for nybegynnere og mer erfarne tradere.


Alle brukere har tilgang til kryptovalutainvesteringer.


33 kryptovalutaer og 131 par er tilgjengelige på Bitcoin UP fra april 2020.

Staking tjenester

Bitcoin UP tilbyr innsatstjenester, og den tilbyr belønninger to ganger i uken for de stablede myntene.

OTC handel

Over-the-Counter-pultene er kun tilgjengelige for handler med høyt volum verdt over $100 000 og er tilgjengelig som en-til-en-tjeneste.

Bitcoin UP tilbyr KFEE – „Bitcoin UP Fee Credits“ som av og til settes inn på brukerens kontoer. Disse er som vouchers og kan brukes til å betale handelsgebyrer, åpnings- eller rollovergebyrer for å markere posisjoner. Det er også belønningsprogrammet for å stable mynter.


Bitcoin UP har et litt rotete oppsett med flere typer støttede lommebøker som kan være litt forvirrende, men du vil snart få taket på det. De lar brukere ta ut krypto- og fiat-valuta og har en noe forvirrende prosess og krever varierende avgifter.


Dette er en tjeneste for mer avanserte brukere som inkluderer mer komplekse handelsstrategier.

La mayor cadena de cines de Tailandia acepta Bitcoin

La mayor cadena de cines de Tailandia acepta Bitcoin como parte de un proyecto piloto de criptografía.

Comprar entradas con criptomonedas como Bitcoin

Major Cineplex Group, el mayor operador de salas de cine de Tailandia, ha permitido a algunos de sus clientes comprar entradas con criptomonedas como Bitcoin (BTC).

Según un informe del jueves de la agencia de noticias local Siam Rath, Major Cineplex ha anunciado el lanzamiento de su proyecto piloto de pago con Cryptosoft en un movimiento para apoyar la innovación y las nuevas tecnologías.

Para desbloquear la nueva opción de pago, la empresa se ha asociado con la bolsa de criptomonedas local Zipmex y con la empresa de pagos digitales RapidZ.

Major Cineplex estrenó la nueva función en el cine Major Cineplex Ratchayothin de Bangkok el 4 de marzo, permitiendo a los clientes comprar entradas con Bitcoin a través de RapidZ escaneando un código QR. Major Cineplex espera ampliar la prueba piloto a otros 39 cines de Bangkok para finales de 2021.

La noticia aparentemente marca la primera vez en la historia que un cine tailandés acepta criptografía como pago.

A más clientes que invierten en cripto

Narut Jiansanong, un portavoz de Major Cineplex, dijo que la nueva iniciativa pretende atraer a más clientes que invierten en cripto. Afirmó que se estima que Tailandia tiene ahora hasta un millón de poseedores de Bitcoin, lo que representa el 2% de la población adulta total del país.

A mediados de febrero, la Comisión del Mercado de Valores de Tailandia propuso adoptar requisitos específicos para las personas dispuestas a invertir en criptomonedas, y al parecer planeaba exigir a los inversores unos ingresos anuales de al menos 33.250 dólares.

Posteriormente, la autoridad pareció dar marcha atrás en algunos de sus requisitos propuestos, afirmando que sus propuestas iniciales pretendían calibrar el sentimiento de los inversores.


Institutionen und Bergleute, die sich durch Bitcoin-Chop ansammeln; Wale unsicher

Bitcoin rein und Bitcoin raus: Hauptakteure setzen unterschiedliche Strategien ein, da BTC deutlich unter 58.400 USD liegt.

Nach einer heftigen Preisumkehr in der vergangenen Woche, bei der sich Bitcoin von Allzeithochs zurückzog, beobachten Händler und Analysten nun wichtige Akteure und Investoren, um den nächsten Schritt von BTC einzuschätzen – und bis jetzt ist die Reaktion entschieden gemischt

Daten des On-Chain-Analyseunternehmens Glassnode zeigen, dass die Anzahl der Bitcoin-Wale – ein Begriff für Geldbörsen mit einem Wert zwischen 1.000 und 10.000 BTC – zumindest vorübergehend den zuvor starken Aufwärtstrend ab April 2020 umgekehrt hat, ein Phänomen, das Glassnode als a bezeichnet potenzielles „Ende der Wallaichsaison“.

Der Glassnode- Blog stellte jedoch fest, dass ein „beträchtlicher Teil“ des Rückgangs möglicherweise auf die Umstrukturierung der Depotbrieftaschen zurückzuführen ist. Wenn ein Teil des Rückgangs damit zusammenhängt, dass Depotbanken Münzen in ein tiefes Lager umlagern, besteht die Möglichkeit, dass mehr BTC in den Besitz von Walen übergeht, selbst wenn die tatsächliche Anzahl der Münzen in Waladressen etwas anderes anzeigt. Infolgedessen kann es schwierig sein, den Rückgang der Walbrieftaschen auf Panikverkäufe während des Krypto- und Makromarkt-Chops zu kennzeichnen .

Minenabflüsse zeichnen unterdessen ein expliziteres bullisches Bild

In einem Tweet am Freitag stellte Lex Moskovski, CEO von Moskovski Capital, fest, dass Bitcoin-Bergleute – ein häufiger Sündenbock für Preisdumps und Boogeyman von cryptoTwitter – tatsächlich damit begonnen haben, Münzen zu sammeln, anstatt sie zu verkaufen:

Ebenso scheint es gute Nachrichten in Bezug auf die institutionelle Akkumulation zu geben. Ki Young Ju, der CEO von CryptoQuant, stellte fest, dass die Menge an BTC in Geldbörsen weiter sinkt – ein Zeichen, das seiner Ansicht nach auf eine anhaltende institutionelle Nachfrage hindeutet:

Einige neuere Untersuchungen zeigen jedoch, dass die Institute, die Bitcoin saugen, möglicherweise nicht so viel Einfluss auf den Preis haben, wie ursprünglich angenommen. Darüber hinaus deuten die Indikatoren darauf hin, dass der Einzelhandelswahn kaum begonnen hat – ein Zeichen dafür, dass der jüngste Rückzug möglicherweise nur vorübergehend ist, und der nächste Schub ist, wo FOMO wirklich einspringen wird.

Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens handelt Bitcoin bei 46.750 USD, was einem Rückgang von 2% gegenüber dem Tag entspricht.